Pedro J Torres – Music

Pedro J. Torres, presidente de la Fundación Torres-Picón

Pedro J. Torres is a lover of the arts and a huge fan of the music native to his home country of Venezuela.  This page serves as a hub to explore some of the different types of music native to Venezuela.

Pedro J. Torres is a fan of traditional Jorpo music. The Joropo style of music was created by artists like Juan Vicente Torrealba, Ignacio Figueredo and Angel Custodio Loyola.  These performers’ talent allowed them to be able to make this music popular in Venezuela. More recently, a more poppy style called Llanera has become popular, although some fans think of it as watered down version of Jorpo.  Singers like Simon Diaz and Reynaldo Armas have generated huge followings throughout the years in the Llanera style.

One type of very popular music in Venezuela that Pedro J. Torres enjoys is called the Gaita Zuliana. This type of music originally came out of the region of Zulia State, and most eople enjoy this type of music most during the Christmas season. The Gaita is the national representation of Venezuelan Christmas.

Pedro J. Torres is a fan of classic Venezuelan Rock music.  This genre came to Venueuzela and became popular in the late 1950s.  The first groups performing rock music in Venueuzela were Los Danger, and Los Impala after Rudy Marquez joined.  Los Impala were the first group to have an impact outside of the continent.  Los Holidays were another prominent Latin-American rock group, and they were one of the first to travel to Europe in the mid 1960s.  The vocalist of the group, Wolgang Vivas had a solo career.

Pedro J. Torres is also a huge fan of classical composers that hail from Venezuela.  A few prominent ones are Reynaldo Hahn, Teresa Carreño, Antonio Lauro, Moisés Moleiro, Gustavo Dudamel, Eduardo Marturet, Antonio Estévez, Federico Ruiz, and Vicente Emilio Sojo.

There are a number of public conservatories and music school. Some of the more prominent ones are Universidad de las Artes, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Universidad Simón Bolívar, and Universidad de los Andes. Prominent composers and musicians who have taught, founded or studied in these institutions include, Diana Arismendi, Ricardo Teruel, Adina Izarra, Josefina Benedetti, Alfredo Rugeles, Abraham Abreu, Aquiles Baez, Pablo Gil, Carlos Duarte and Sylvia Constantinidis.