Free Streaming Music and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

A few weeks ago, Taylor Swift removed all of her music from Spotify in a very public manner. From there the arguments on the future of the music industry erupted with people from the tech world, gossip columnists, and music execs putting in their two cents.

Taylor Swift is a huge international pop star and was reportedly in discussions with Spotify to exclusively offer her music to paid subscribers. So, Swift is aware that streaming music is unavoidable, but the question of ad-supported free music is now the issue. Recently a top executive from Sony, Kevin Kelleher, recently questioned whether or not there is value in streaming free music.

Kelleher, brought up the question of whether or not the artist and music companies get any value from the different ways the music is consumed. Paid streaming services seem to be the one thing everyone can agree on. Sony wants to encourage more paid streaming and Spotify earns the bulk of its revenue from paid streaming so both parties want to encourage it. Youtube, which has for a long time offered only ad-supported consumption, is now joining the paid subscription game, and will be offering ad-free music videos for up to $10 a month.

Spotify is by far the largest subscription music service and boasts 50 million users, a quarter of which are paid. So there is demand for a paid service, and as the technology grows and Spotify continues to grow, digital streaming is growing along with it. But, the question is, would there be less or more paid subscribers if free music wasn’t available?

Spotify’s freemium business model is the reason they say that 55% of people age 18-29 are less likely to pirate music if there is a free streaming option. If this is true, then people might be less likely to purchase a paid streaming service and opt for piracy. Let’s see how this plays out.

Social Media May Reveal Killer in Death of Brooklyn Rapper

According to an article recently completed for Pix 11, on the ninth of March last year, twenty-year-old Kenny “Nu Money” Casilla was shot execution style from the front passenger seat of a vehicle in Miami.  Originally from Brooklyn, where his mother still resides, Casilla was known as a very pleasant individual, with a love of basketball, music and his mother.  He played for his high school basketball team and had intended to go on to play for a junior college in upstate New York after graduating.  However, the potential for financial success in the rap industry pulled Casilla in another direction.  According to his mother, the lure for the trade was so he could buy her a house and move her out of the Brooklyn projects.

Unfortunately, that never quite happened for Casilla.  He did grow to earn quite a bit of recognition in the rap industry, often being called upon by Juelz Santana and Fabolous—two authorities in the genre—to collaborate.  He was also quite well known for producing music and videos with his group of associates, who referred to themselves as the “Rich Mafia.”  However, he was murdered before he was truly able to earn full acclaim and accreditation in the industry—a fact that isn’t coincidental in the eyes of Casilla’s mother.

His mother, Yvette Ramos, believes her son may have been killed over jealousy in the industry.  She spent a year attempting to crack open her son’s Instagram account, in the hopes that it could provide her some solace as to what his last moments were like.  What she found was beyond her expectations.  One picture, posted just over forty-five minutes before her son was killed, shows a picture taken by the man in the driver seat kicking her son out of the car.  Another photo was posted shortly after Casilla was killed; Ramos believes this photo was sent to prove the death had been carried out successfully; the action, to her, implies that the murder was a specific hit.  As a result, Ramos has announced for anyone in Brooklyn who might have access to further pictures or information to please come forward.